When Is The Best Time To Book For A Hen’s Party

“So the wedding is just around the corner and you’re going to be a bridesmaid. There’s no doubt your best friend will have an unforgettable hen’s party at the magic men show, but when should you book it?”

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Australia Day

The time of year influences costs for hen’s parties tremendously. A weekend in any Australian city during April-June will take a big chunk out of anyone’s budget. Be sure to ask if she has set a date yet or what month she plans on having it as that will play a key role in pricing details. 

The number one thing to consider is that the cheaper the hen’s party, generally, the less impressive it’ll be – take advantage of Australia Day sales if you want something cheap!

If she tells you her main concern is ensuring everyone is available and the date isn’t too close to other events, then treat her to a hen’s party that she’ll never forget. If you’re willing to pay extra for Saturday night so the guests can also enjoy themselves on Friday and Sunday nights, there are endless possibilities.

Beaches or Mountains?

If Australia Day doesn’t work out for whatever reason, then perhaps another option is to book during beach season (October-April) between major holidays such as Christmas and Easter. 

This will guarantee that everyone has plenty of holiday time available but not too much that they’ll be sick of winter. In this case, you might want to book a weekend away in the mountains.

Heading up for a night or two in Thredbo, Perisher or Charlotte Pass is not only an incredible experience but is perfect when you’re looking to have a hen’s party that remains within everyone’s budget. After all, if they’ve been stuck in Sydney their whole lives, there’s a good chance they haven’t seen snow!

Graduation Time

Graduations are the perfect time to host lavish, fun hen’s parties as people have just finished university or college and have a bit of cash in their back pockets. In this case, suggesting a weekend away at any destination will work perfectly as they don’t have to worry about getting home early on Monday morning for work. 

Just be sure you’ll put them up in nice accommodation so they remember their special night! This means you might want to consider holiday parks such as Stockland Glendale or Crown Casino  – both have several luxury apartments that can house up to 10 people.

End of the Work Week

Sunday nights are a great time for a buck’s party because it’ll be convenient with most people’s work schedules and you won’t have to worry about the hen going out on a school night or having too much alcohol before heading home to work in the morning!

If your friend tells you her main concern is ensuring everyone will be available, then treat her to an unforgettable weekend away at any destination. In this case, consider Melbourne resorts such as Park Hyatt  – it comes with its day spa which means everyone can get their nails done looking incredible for their big night out in one of Launceston’s best nightclubs!

Summer Is Coming

Whilst most people would think mid-winter is the best time for hen’s parties due to the long summer days, if your friend is worried about everyone being able to find time off school or work then there is no better time than now.

Not only will she be happy knowing she has a great day planned with all her closest friends but you can also enjoy yourself as temperatures begin to rise and everyone starts making their way outdoors again!

And with so many fabulous destinations just a short drive away – such as Jindabyne and Thredbo – you’ll have an unforgettable weekend and lots of fun memories to look back on. It just makes sense that we’re all looking forward to warmer temperatures – especially after what’s been winter.

Planning hen’s parties are fun but remember we’ll want to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves and no one feels left out! It also means heading away during any school holiday period such as June when kids are off from school and parents want some peace and your case. 

Pick a location close to home and keep your accommodation cheap rather than luxurious. You can upgrade where you eat and drink as long as they’re quality venues – this ensures everyone has a fantastic time and no one feels they’ve been duped into something too expensive. 


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