Home Renovation

Today we’ll be looking at home renovation mistakes to avoid as well as how you can keep your home looking like new, even after a little neglect. We all know that sometimes it’s hard to step away from the computer and pay attention to things around us. The last thing you want is for something in your house to become damaged or broken simply by lack of awareness. 

Some Common Themes and What we can Do about them:

1) Don’t steer clear of Home Depot! While hiring a contractor or an expensive interior designer might seem like the best way to go, just take a trip down to your local hardware store and see if they can help you out. A lot of these places have… resources, to help guide you through the process, which can save you up to 50%.

2) Pick a color. This is what it comes down to. While painting isn’t for everyone, it’s an easy way to change the look and feel of anything in your house! All you have to do is take some extra time at the hardware store, talk to one of their associates about the right colors/types of paint for whatever project you’re doing. It seems like such an insignificant step but trust me… it’ll be well worth it once everything comes together.

3) We all know that Murphy’s Law pretty much guarantees that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong – no matter how easily avoidable or improbable that “something” is. Now, if Murphy’s Law didn’t exist then accidents wouldn’t happen, right? So what I’ve tried to do here is give you some examples of the most common mistakes people make while renovating their homes so that you can avoid them and keep yourself ahead of the game at all times!

4) When painting low ceilings it’s important not to cut corners by making simple mistakes like forgetting to do your homework before buying supplies. This means doing research on colors, paint types, how long it’ll take for a specific type of paint to dry – basically any and all information you have access to will help immensely in the short term as well as prolonging your project.

5) Another easy-to-forget step is to tape off the areas around the paint color you’ve decided to use. This is a simple but necessary step that’ll require you to purchase some painter’s tape beforehand, which will of course save you a lot of time and money. For more information on painting your home or what type of paint to get for any project, check out our article here: .

6) “Don’t cut corners when it comes to insulation!” We all know the old adage right? When it comes to building materials, insulation is one of those things that needs at least some degree of attention if not full on focus. If you don’t insulate properly then no matter how well built your structure is – chances are high that’ll be pretty uncomfortable for anyone living inside.

7) One of the most important components of insulation is making sure that all your walls and ceilings are properly insulated during construction. If you’re not an expert in the field then it might be a good idea to hire someone who is, but if you can do it on your own (and save some money) this will allow you to make life easier for yourself down the road. Again, make sure to check out our article on home renovation mistakes to avoid: !

8) Speaking of insulation, don’t forget about your roof! Common sense might say that it’s best not to forget anything when building a new house or revamping an old one; common sense would also tell us that we need insulation everywhere we can get it, but apparently not everyone follows this rule to the letter. If you’re building a new house then ensure that your roof has the proper insulation before it gets too hot out, and if you’re renovating an old home then make sure that any damage is patched up properly before insulating your ceilings!

Another common renovation error people make while trying to save money is going with cheap materials. This isn’t necessarily a “you get what you pay for” type of scenario because there are tons of amazing contractors who’ll sell you high-quality materials at very affordable prices – but in most cases when someone tries to go cheap it’s because they don’t know any better or simply haven’t done their research.