Clean Garage

It’s amazing how quickly a garage can become cluttered and messy, especially when you consider the wide range of items the average garage holds. This article will provide you with eight significant tips In order to help keep it clean and maintained.

1) Never leave your car in the driveway. 

As odd as this may seem, many people who own cars end up leaving them parked outside their garages for extended periods. While there is nothing inherently wrong with doing this, those who do usually find that their garages begin to look like storage areas full of boxes and other random items for which they have no real place else to store.

When not using your car (or any vehicle), always park it in the garage. This will provide extra space and leave your entrance looking clean and organized.

2) Always place items in their designated spot.

Whenever you purchase something new, be sure to always put it away in its proper location (e.g., cleaning supplies go on a shelf; lawn equipment goes into an approved area; etc.). Not only will this help keep your garage looking tidy and clutter-free, but it will also make finding specific items much easier when you need them later on down the line.

When organizing your garage, be sure that everything has its assigned spot for easy access later on.

3) Make use of all available storage space.

It’s amazing how many garages are missing out on possible storage space. For instance, many people opt to create an island in their garage instead of using the space for shelving or other items to keep everything contained and organized.

When organizing your garage, try to find unique ways to use all available storage space to keep everything neatly tucked away.

4) Create “zones.”

Organizing your garage can be a time-consuming process that often requires investing in specific items (e.g., shelving units, hooks, racks, cabinets) to properly compartmentalize your storage areas. When doing so, be sure that you clearly label each zone for easier access later on down the line (e.g., tools zone; sports equipment zone; gardening zone; etc.). If you’re unsure where to start, consider getting some inspiration from your neighbourhood hardware store or home improvement complex.

When organizing your garage, be sure that each “zone” is labelled and has its designated purpose (e.g., lawn care; tools; extra storage).

5) Remove all old, outdated items. 

When organizing your garage, it is best to remove any item that hasn’t been used in six months or more as it can often become a breeding ground for bugs and insects. In addition to being unsightly, these creatures will most likely be attracted to other items in the garage as well. To keep them away from everything else – and to prevent the spread of any potential infestations – it’s best to remove such items and take them to your local dump or trash collection centre.

Before organizing your garage, get rid of any old or unused items that may be become a breeding ground for insects and bugs.

6) Create an extra storage space. 

If you feel that you have reached maximum capacity in your garage, don’t think you’re out of luck just yet! A simple way to provide yourself with some extra storage space is by converting your lawnmower into a mini-storage unit. All it takes is removing the grass catcher assembly from the bottom, creating a “lip” on one end, attaching bungee cords all around it, and hanging it from a sturdy beam in your garage. Not only will this provide you with additional storage space for larger items, but the lowered storage area can be used to hold small boxes or bags which are particularly vulnerable to being knocked around by other items when placed on high shelving units.

When organizing your garage, consider turning an old lawn mower into temporary storage for smaller items that may otherwise get knocked around.

7) Clean Out Unnecessary Cardboard Boxes. 

Over time, your garage will likely begin to accumulate random boxes of all shapes and sizes (e.g., appliance boxes; DVD/CD box sets; shoebox-sized crates). While these types of boxes can provide you with temporary storage space for your items, they will often become ripped, torn, and otherwise unusable. When organizing your garage, it’s best to get rid of any box that is no longer in good condition as it can create a tripping hazard for yourself or others.

Before organizing your garage, consider removing any old boxes that are ripped or torn, which can create a tripping hazard in the garage.

The number one tip for keeping your garage clean and tidy is to simply stay organized. Also, be sure to follow the tips provided above to ensure that everything has its own designated space and is labelled accordingly. With these simple tricks and the help of garage renovation melbourne, you can avoid creating a cluttered mess later on down the line.