Hiring A Female Stripper

Hiring a female stripper for your next party could make an already fun night even more exciting. Knowledge about hiring women is necessary to do it the right way. There are many things to consider before you hire someone.

Things change, so keep up with new tips and information later on after your event. This article will provide knowledge of how to find the best female strippers out there.

Hiring strippers for male clubs or dances are a big business in Europe, South America and Australia but has not been accepted by American women as acceptable behaviour yet. 

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The US market has seen only occasional performances by women who choose this profession as their sole form of employment.

One can expect to pay between $-$300/hr if hiring a professional entertainer depending on the amount of time you would like. 

Some women may require additional money when they travel to your private location, check with them beforehand about how much they will need depending on the distance to travel. Make sure you hire someone who is fully clothed in their advertisements and shows a lot of skin yet has underwear on at all times.

Today it is easier than ever for anyone to find strippers of all kinds through a variety of platforms online. These platforms include Craigslist, Eros Guide, Backpage, Magic Men, and many more sites easily searchable by searching ‘female stripper’ or an equivalent term in any major search engine.

Women have been using these sites to get work from home jobs that allow flexible hours while earning extra money. Among the things you should consider before hiring a stripper is their name, location and what they are going to do during your party.


An obvious pro about hiring a female stripper is the added punch of entertainment that can be expected from one or more entertainers.  Some women who enter this line of work have been referred to as ‘dancer-therapists’ because of how well they interact with people.

This type of holistic approach to entertaining guests could help make parties memorable for years to come depending on what activity is undertaken at your party. 

Another great reason to hire someone special like this would be because you are having trouble finding other forms of entertainment for your party. Remember, these ladies know how to work a room and make people feel special. 

They can find the most interesting conversations to join at your party which might lead to new friendships or even business connections with potential clients. 

Another pro about hiring a female stripper is that they know how to interact with ladies as well. If you do not have time for a girls night out and want something fun and exciting, this might be what you need!


One of the main con’s of hiring a female stripper is that some people consider it unprofessional.  If you are having meetings after the party at your home, you should consider who will be attending those meetings if there is nudity involved. 

Another con is that some women will use their stripping abilities as an excuse to get more money from you. As a general rule, stay away from women who seem like they are going to be a little bit too demanding with their requests before doing any sort of work for you.

Hiring a stripper can make your next party the one that everyone talks about for years to come!  Remember, hiring is not as simple as choosing what website looks the best and sending an email. Make sure you plan ahead of time and have some helpful tips on how to do it the right way. Remember – Knowledge is power!

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