Things To Look For In A Boxing Trainer

Boxers looking for a new trainer have to be vigilant and proactive, as finding a good trainer is not easy. A trainer can make or break a boxer’s career.

One of the first ways a fighter may know if he has found a good trainer is if his coach pushes him during training camp, even when the fighter thinks he cannot complete an additional workout.

man in black talking to boxer inside ring

The best trainers never let their boxers give up without putting up a fight during sparring sessions and fights as well. In addition, the best boxing trainers are also great motivators, making sure that their fighters do not lose heart in the face of unfair odds on fight night.


First and foremost, a boxer must be able to trust his or her trainer. One should never train with anyone abusive or dishonest; such individuals will only perpetuate bad habits and subject the boxer to injury.

Boxers must find someone they can trust and like since unprofessional relationships between a boxer and his/her coach can lead to conflict within a training camp.

This also holds in terms of expense – a boxer should not spend too much money on one trainer since virtually anyone can put together a workout program. Additionally, a trainer’s fees should be fair and sustainable throughout their career without putting them into severe debt or poverty.

A trustworthy trainer is essential when trying to excel as a boxer so always remember to exercise caution when choosing an authority figure during your training camps!


Second, a boxer should make sure that they like their trainer. Not every coach is indeed going to have the same approach as another one; however, if there is no rapport between the two parties, it could cause unnecessary conflict within a training camp.


It is also important to look for a trainer who truly cares about his boxers, not just their pocketbooks or boxing future.

A boxer is likely to reach his top potential only when he feels that he has someone in his corner who will protect him at all costs, whether it means preventing fights from taking place when they are too risky or simply giving constructive criticism when needed.

Great trainers also know how to work with management teams and promoters on behalf of their fighters. They want what is best for the fighter inside and outside of the ring, so they use their leverage wisely.


Fighters should also seek out trainers who are open-minded, willing to listen and able to adapt their methods when necessary. A good trainer knows that no two fighters learn in the same way, so he must be flexible enough to change his approach for each fighter if necessary.

And while every coach has his own style, good trainers know what works during a fight and make adjustments accordingly. One great example of this came during the 2001 Heavyweight Championship bout between Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield.

Lewis’ corner was unwilling to substitute an unprepared fighter after Lewis had one too many mouthpieces knocked out, instead opting to keep their fighter in the fight even though Holyfield was landing more punches.

Experience Level

A third factor to consider when looking for a trainer is experience level. When looking for a trainer, boxers should prioritize experience over everything else. This way there will be fewer mistakes made during training sessions and fight camps.

Most boxers prefer an experienced coach who has trained multiple champions over someone who has just started coaching – this ensures that few mistakes are being made during training sessions and fight camps.

A trainer who is also experienced in the sport of boxing will have a more profound understanding of what it takes to get on top in the ring. 

Trainers who have been in the sport for quite some time have more experience under their belts which leads to fewer mistakes being made during training sessions and fight camps. In addition, boxers get better results because they know what it takes to get to the top. 


Finally, boxers must find a trainer that they can afford. In most cases, good trainers do not come cheap; however, one should not impulse buy and part with too much money at once because virtually anyone can put together a workout program.

One should look for a trainer whose fees are fair and sustainable throughout their career without putting them into severe debt or poverty.

There are many quality boxing coaches out there who work tirelessly to improve their fighters and keep them safe in the ring. You might want to check boxing south-east Melbourne, their commitment and experience can help boxers achieve great things inside of it – including championship titles.

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