Where to Buy White Sandstone Sculpture

If you are looking for sandstone sculptures, one of the most popular materials used in modern art is white sandstone. Modern sandstone sculptures can be made from multiple colours of sandstone. The colours typically include red sandstone, yellow sandstone, or green sandstone among others. 

However, the most popular colour that artists create is white sandstone. For this reason, many people refer to all types of modern sculptural pieces as “white sandstones“. 

If you are looking for a unique gift for your loved one, oftentimes it is best to seek out different forms of art that they enjoy rather than trying to guess what type of painting they might like more specifically. With statues and other modern art sculptures, you can be certain that your loved one will appreciate it.

Handcrafted Stone Sculpture from Indonesia - Happy Family | NOVICA

However, when you need to buy white sandstone sculptures, where do you go? The internet has an incredible number of sources that all seem equally likely to give you what you want.

Here are some good places to start your search:

Online Auction Sites

The first place you may want to check out is online auctions sites such as eBay. Since this form of the sculpture is very distinctive and unique, many pieces are highly collectible. On these types of auction sites, there are typically many different sculptures that may fit into what you are looking for. 

There are always many different types available at all different price ranges depending on how expensive or inexpensive you would like to go. 

However, more often than not the most expensive ones typically end up selling for over $5,000 each (and can be much more depending on where you live and what artist made it).

Online Sites

You can also lookup other artwork dealers that sell modern pieces online because they often sell other forms of white sandstone art as well. If all else fails there are always antique stores because the older pieces tend to be even more valuable than the newer ones being sold today.

AB Designs offers a wide range of unique modern sculptures made from natural materials whenever possible. White sandstone figures, in particular, are highly sought after due to their fine grain and creamy colour. 

This specific artist also offers extremely competitive pricing on bronzes, which are popular choices for outdoor display.

If you are someone who enjoys art, you may want to look into purchasing a few pieces for yourself. White sandstone sculptures are truly remarkable works of art that are often created by some of the best modern artists around the world. 

Since they are so distinctively unique if you choose the right one to purchase it can be a great addition to your home or office decor. Even more importantly, if you have someone in your life that has everything then this is an ideal gift that they will truly enjoy receiving.

Antique Stores

You may also want to try antique stores because although this material is still used in modern sculptures that are being created today; many of the older pieces were made from these materials. 

If you visit an antique store and look around for a while, there is almost always a possibility that you will find something unique and one-of-a-kind if they do not already have multiple ones on hand. 

This is because typically when people get modern sculptures at auctions or estate sales they often choose to sell these types of the art online rather than at a local antique store.


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