Guide When Choosing Your Eyebrow Tattooist

So you’ve decided to get your eyebrows tattooed. Yaaaasssss!!! No more stressing about wiping your brows away! Time to say goodbye to that eyebrow powder for good! Finest decision EVER.

Now … who do you go to? How do you discover the very best eyebrow tattooist? Should you count on reviews or recommendations alone? While fantastic evaluations are absolutely a sign of happy customers, they are in fact not the most important thing to look for when picking your tattooist.

The Most Essential Thing To Look For Is Recovered Outcomes

Look for photos of your tattooist’s OUTCOMES. When micro blading has actually simply been done, the ‘hair strokes’ look perfect. The crisp lines actually do look like hairs.

One of the most significant worries, when it pertains to charm services, is the price: If it’s too pricey, we feel the pain for our wallets, and if it’s too inexpensive, we doubt the quality of service and fret about pushy sales tactics.


When it comes to appealing services, specifically those including our face, hygiene is a top factor to consider before picking a beauty parlour. Some apparent indications reveal whether the hair salon keeps hygiene in mind: Is the beauty parlour’s space clean and comfy? Does the beautician use gloves throughout the procedure?


Low-cost beauty salons are less most likely to stick to stringent health standards and do not always utilize high-quality tools and products. Using less expensive dyes and chemicals can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions in some people, and may also change colour to undesirable shades.

Watch Out For Economical Deals

With there being numerous artists in the UK, some irreparable makeup artists will offer deals from time-to-time to stick out from the pack.

Ask yourself– why is this artist charging so little? Prices do not constantly reflect the ability or level of the artist, so make certain you think about other components too.

Track Record

Similar to any product or services, word of mouth is often the most sincere and trustworthy type of evaluation. If an artist has actually been ruffling feathers in the market with a fast Google search, you can determine pretty rapidly.

Simply plug their name and service into the search bar and it’ll rather rapidly-produce any cautions. Also, run your eye over their Google, Facebook and Yelp examine to ensure there’s a basic arrangement in the level of service.


Do not hesitate to ask if the artist has all certifications required by regional law. In Australia, micro-pigmentation providers and their facilities need to be licensed by the local Board of Health.


You would not deal with a makeup artist or hairstylist without seeing samples of his or her work, so utilize the same logic to your try to find a long-lasting makeup artist. Ask to see pictures of previous clients so you can get an idea of the professional’s design, technique and general capability. Numerous artists will have a portfolio on hand and will be more than happy to review it with you.

Other things to search for in a brow artist:

  • The eyebrow artist should have the emergency treatment and bloodborne pathogen training.
  • You ought to be offered a consultation prior to your treatment. While you’re there, make sure to focus on the cleanliness of the beauty parlour/ studio.
  • Any centre you choose must specifically use single-use blades. They need to come in pre-sterilized, sealed bundles.
  • Good eyebrow artists will carry insurance coverage.
  • Look for healed outcomes on the eyebrow artist’s website/ Facebook/ Instagram page. The majority of micro-blading looks fantastic when newly done. Do they look great with the client’s hair and skin colour?
  • Typically, the best micro-blading artists are reserved. You may need to wait to see one, but waiting will deserve it.

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