Wedding 101: Here’s How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

Perfect Wedding Venue

While pretty much every aspect of a wedding is optional, from wearing a suit instead of a gown to dropping the flowers to giving up the wedding event cake, there’s one thing you can’t avoid: a venue. You’ve got to have somewhere for your friends and family to celebrate and gather.

Finding the perfect venue isn’t easy. There are a lot of choices to choose from, whether you’re trying to find a sensational barn, a stylish ballroom, a cozy restaurant, or a quiet stretch of beach. We asked a few wedding planners to share their top tips for finding your dream venue.

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Talk To A Planner

Yes, prior to you begin looking at spaces. Planners are a lot more knowledgeable about the abilities of space, the layout, and the time and items you’ll require to truly transform it. If there’s an imaginative way to make it special or a peculiarity about the area that might make your vision hard to achieve, your planner will know.

Be Open About Your Target Budget

Speaking of cash, many customers have the mistaken belief that you shouldn’t talk about the budget in the very first appointment. But purchasing a date at a wedding event place isn’t the same as acquiring cars and truck. 

There are a lot of variables that could alter your bottom line, like visitor count, date, plated versus stationed dinner, flat rate bar versus consumption bar, ceremony on-site versus off-site, and more. Be open about how much you want to invest so that your sales representative can do their best to assist you.

Anticipate The Very Best In Preparation Support.

In the height of your excitement, you want an event venue and caterer who is equally excited to help you. Go with your gut and take note of their actions. How long does it take to get a response after your initial inquiry?

This is one of the greatest days of your life; be sure you trust the professionalism of the entire group of vendors you select. Comprehending and setting expectations will provide you comfort.


Picking a place will be one of the very first wedding preparing moves you make, so you’ll likely wish to start your search on the earlier side. But it all boils down to your individual choice. If you are specific when it comes to the venue, the earlier the much better.

Excellent locations get scheduled up 12-18 months ahead of time, so the faster you begin the most likely you are to snag your first choice– that chooses all of your vendors.

Date Versatility

Picking a wedding date or choosing a venue? the majority of couples choose a venue. If a date is selected first, we’ve found clients limit their venue options drastically.

Take In The Surroundings

You want your venue to be perfect inside, but be sure to look around the area of the venue for any signs that may concern you. What is the view your guests will see as they arrive? 

You will want to look for buildings or construction that could be unsightly or loud as well if the area is clean and kept up. Impressions do matter and on your wedding day, you want them to be favourable.

Meet The Facility Director

When you visit the venue, make sure you understand who your go-to person will be for all the logistics of your wedding. You will want to see if you are comfortable working with this person. 

You can have the perfect venue, but if you are not confident in the staff, your wedding can be adversely affected.

Listen To Recommendations

On your big day, you’ll want everything to run smoothly from dawn until dusk. Read reviews and recommendations of your prospective venues to see how their day went, and make sure your wedding service is 5 *!

Make Sure You Get ‘The Feeling’!

You know when that feeling of butterflies appears in your stomach, and you can totally envisage yourself walking down the aisle in an unforgettable venue? That’s ‘the feeling’, and it normally means it’s the perfect venue for you!

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