Things To Consider Before Buying A Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are one of the most gemstones out there. And it’s apparent why– diamonds have an unequalled shine, shimmer, and sparkle.

Absolutely nothing else compares to the marvellous appeal of a diamond. Diamonds make timeless gifts, however, they’re likewise perfect for those who wish to buy a basic diamond for a special occasion.

This is why a diamond necklace is a perfect accessory for any day or occasion.

These necklaces come in all designs. Whether you want a big diamond, a cluster, or a basic stud dangling off of a chain, there are limitless alternatives when acquiring a pendant.

It’s vital you choose the ideal diamond. Read our diamond buying necklace guide prior to you buying the very best piece for you or a loved one.

The Timeless Diamond Pendant

Nothing states stylish better than a traditional diamond necklace.

This pendant design includes a diamond pendant on a metal chain. Size also matters; the traditional pendant doesn’t reach farther than the collarbone.

The grade of the diamond is likewise essential when selecting a classic necklace.

Select a diamond that is less than 1 in colour (traditional diamonds are more platinum than gleaming or multi-hued) and SI2 in clarity.

The timeless pendant design is perfect for official occasions. It constantly makes a remarkable present.

You also have a wide range of designs to choose from, especially if you want to pass a special message. Here are the things which should you consider while shopping for a diamond pendant to make the right purchase or you can read my blog.

Compromise Thoroughly

Before buying a diamond, examine your finances and set a budget. Take an appearance at diamond prices to see what you can manage.

You may decide to compromise on the diamond of your dreams if you get sticker shock.

Jeopardizing does not suggest you should just purchase a bargain-priced diamond. In reality, there are no good deals in diamonds. There are fair offers, however, if it appears like a diamond is priced lower than the rest, there’s a reason for it.

Consider Alternatives Prior To Buying A Mined Diamond

There are lots of options for mined diamonds that can make excellent engagement ring stones. For example, lab-made diamonds are ending up being more popular. While these have the same charm and resilience as any diamonds, they cost about 30% less than mined diamonds of comparable quality.

Validate The Quality Of The Diamond (4 Cs).

The prominence of a pendant on the chest implies that it is visible to the eye and for this reason; you need to pick a pendant that has premium stones.

The 4Cs enter into play here:


The cut will determine how gorgeous the diamonds look and relate to the lustre. It determines the shimmer and it is hence suggested to select a round dazzling cut gem.

Diamond Color

Coloured diamonds are unusual and really expensive. Stone with colours ranging from F or G on the colour scale is recommended for more fire and sparkle.

Diamond Clarity

The greater the clearness the much better the quality of the stone. Nevertheless, that likewise implies the more expensive the stone. Most people consider this the least important of the 4cs and you can select I1 or S1.

Carat Weight

This is an extremely challenging choice to make because the larger the size of the stone, the bigger the carat weight and the greater the cost. Big is not constantly good; pick a carat weight that permits the stone to shimmer and accomplish the purpose.

To guarantee the quality of the pendant you want to purchase, look for certification for the diamond from laboratories like GIA or AGS. A grading report from these bodies guarantees you the true quality of the diamond that you are about to buy.

Diamond Necklace Setting

With the designs above, you can likewise get different settings, which will make a difference in the look of your pendant.

For a classic solitaire pendant including a single stone, a prong setting is popular, as it enables a lot of light to enter the diamond and boost its radiance. The prong setting will form a “basket” that holds the diamond, such as this wire basket example.

You can likewise get a scalloped basket like this, in which the basket is set closer to the diamond.

Likewise common is a bezel setting, with metal totally encapsulating the diamond, making it more safe and secure and durable. A halo setting is comparable, but with smaller sized diamonds surrounding one centre stone, making for a spectacular shimmer.

Here is a lovely bezel diamond pendant, and a halo for comparison.

An Economical Option To The More Expensive Natural Diamond Locket

If you would love to get a diamond pendant however most of the ones you are looking at are out of your rate range, think about Blue Nile’s new Lightbox Lab-created Style Fashion jewellery Line partnered with DeBeers. They have an amazing choice of white, blue and pink jewellery pieces to pick from.

Laser Inscription.

It likewise helps to examine diamonds that might have been taken and recovered. Plotting utilized to be the most typical method to engrave a diamond’s value onto it however, this technique was discovered to impact the clearness of the stone. Since then, laser inscriptions have ended up being the new requirement as they have almost no negative effect on the quality of the stone.

Market Need & Rarity.

While basically ideal diamonds exist, their rarity makes them extremely important, especially in the bigger carat sizes or in naturally coloured stones. To another point, a diamond can have top ratings however come in a less popular shape. Every consumer has their individual taste, sure, but it is a widely known truth that some shapes are more popular and more salable than others. The round brilliant cut has remained popular for rather some time while the marquise shape diamond reached its peak in the 1980s. We at Worthy have seen this effect take shape in the ultimate resale of a diamond no matter how high the quality.

The Pendant Is Going To Be Worn Every Day, What Should I Think about?

If you’re intending on wearing the pendant every day, it deserves considering a less delicate and more robust chain that will stand up to the rigours of daily life. Utilizing a diamond setting such as a four-prong or bezel setting will likewise make sure that the diamond stays securely in place.


The best way to acquire a diamond is to purchase one with a certificate released by a respectable gem laboratory. The primary gem laboratories are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Certificates ensure a diamond’s quality by specifically listing its cut, clearness, colour and weight, as well as protect the investment of the purchaser by helping the gem hold its worth better over time. We advise you to always purchase a diamond with a certificate.


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